Tens of Thousands March on Tax Day

Protesters in cities across the country came out Saturday to call on President Trump to release his tax returns.

The "controversy" surrounding President Obama's birth certificate was fueled by racist conspiracy theories which Donald Trump personally propelled.

Javers pressed further by asking if Trump would authorize the IRS to confirm that he remains under audit.

The post Trump blasts tax returns protesters appeared first on BusinessDay: News you can trust. "But I'll tell you this, I think that people are going to keep demanding it, and they are going to keep demanding it and making their voices heard on this".

Trump said during his campaign that he would not release his tax returns because he was under audit.

Trump was the first major-party nominee in more than 40 years not to release his tax returns, saying it was because he was under audit.

"We march to demand that the president release his returns, as he has repeatedly promised, but failed, to do", the Tax March website reads.

Both Trump and his administration have argued that the issue is settled because he won the election without having released the information.

"We are under the same audit that existed, so nothing has changed." said Spicer.

In blasting the protesters, Trump tweeted that "I did what was nearly an impossible thing to do for a Republican easily won the Electoral College!"

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was booed at a town hall Monday when defending President Trump's refusal to release his tax returns.

. Several of these bills go by the name Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public, or TRUMP Act.

Every time Trump makes a move as president, from altering trade policy to easing Wall Street regulations, the American public will wonder what's in it for him. Trump tweeted. ‶Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday.

Asked if he would release them publicly, Trump said, "we're working on that now". In fact, publicizing tax filings has only been a custom in the United States since Richard Nixon released his tax returns in 1973 during the backlash of the Watergate Scandal.

Tuesday is the deadline for taxpayers to file returns.

  • Larry Hoffman