Student one of 3 dead in San Bernardino school shooting

The suspected gunman in a murder-suicide at a San Bernardino elementary school reportedly had a brief and rocky relationship with his wife before he fatally shot her, one of her students and then himself on Monday (10 April), police said.

"She thought she had a wonderful husband, but she found out he was not wonderful at all", Sykes told the Los Angeles Times.

The 600 other students at the school were bused to safety at California State University's San Bernardino campus, several miles away, after many walked off campus hand in hand, escorted by police. "He did not make a specific threat to shoot her", Burguan said.

Jonathan Martinez (8), died shortly after being airlifted to hospital, while a nine-year-old boy was in stable condition.

Counselors and psychologists trained in helping children and victims cope with trauma are meeting with families and school staff to begin the healing process for the more than 500 students who attend North Park Elementary.

But Smith left him about a month and a half after their late-January marriage, police and family members said.

"Parents often say the joy and perspective a child with this syndrome brings into their lives had been unimaginable", Marsden continued.

Counsellors have been made available at North Park Elementary after Anderson walked into the classroom with a concealed handgun and opened fire.

During a press conference on April 10, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, revealed that Cedric had a criminal history, which included arrests for domestic violence, weapons, and drug charges. The note would not have been alarming if not for this violent event, he said.

Smith's husband claimed to be dropping off something to his wife.

"Unlike disorders that can make connecting with your child hard, children with Williams syndrome tend to be social, friendly and endearing", Superintendent Dale Marsden said, apparently reading from a description on the Williams Syndrome Association website.

Another of Anderson's girlfriends was awarded a restraining order in 2013 after she said Anderson tried to kill her. Jonathan was also struck and killed by the gunfire.

Anderson, a former self-proclaimed pastor and maintenance worker, was unemployed, Burguan said. She enjoys creating original stories and telling them on the spot and says things like "You're looking at a professional book writer".

The school is staffed by 24 teachers, 18 support staff members, and an administrator. "Nor do we know exactly why he chose to do this at the school", the chief said. But after they Wednesday and he moved into her Riverside home, another side of her new husband emerged.

"Children were just a part of her life". School employees knew Anderson, who followed the proper protocol and checked in through the front office, saying he had to drop something off for Smith, officials said. Authorities have not released his name.

Cabreras has two young children at North Park, and an older daughter was taught by Smith for two years at a nearby high school. "He started reading and doing long math", Valles said. School district officials said classes would resume Monday. We'll move on. We'll become stronger.

  • Salvatore Jensen