Strong economy provides ideal backdrop for Theresa May's election gamble

Explaining the decision, May indicated that the move will help unite the political corridors of the country.

BY NOW YOU will know that Britain is heading back to the polls for a second general election in two years.

Speaking outside her Downing Street residence in London, May, 60, warned that "division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit". "We need a general election and we need one now", she said.

Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday said that the country will vote on 8 June, if two-thirds of MPs approve an election today.

But she also inherited a manifesto from her predecessor David Cameron that she appears not to be fully signed up to.

U.S. Treasury yields fell as nervousness ahead of France's first round of presidential elections this weekend and ongoing geopolitical tensions increased demand for safe-haven U.S. debt.

"Our opponents believe because the government's majority is so small, that our resolve will weaken and that they can force us to change course".

Breaking her vow not to call an early ballot, the timing of her decision has raised eyebrows - as her Tory party hold a double-digit lead over Labour.

The gap before talks begin in earnest in June gave her a "window of opportunity" to strengthen her hand by improving her slim 17-seat majority and pushing the next election date back to 2022, by which time the United Kingdom should have long ago left the EU.

May's Conservative Party is way ahead of the main opposition Labour Party in opinion polls.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron accused Mrs May of "bottling" it, and said broadcasters had a "moral duty" to take part in televised leaders' showdowns. There are clear political benefits for the Conservatives in holding an election at this time.

In 2015 Mr Howell retained his seat for the Conservatives with a majority of more than 25,000 votes. Votes in France in April and May, and in Germany in September, have the potential to reshape the political landscape around the two years of Brexit talks with the European Union expected to start in earnest in June.

"We expect to have the Brexit guidelines adopted by the European Council on 29 April and following that the Brexit negotiating directives ready on 22 May".

Labour, the second-largest party in Parliament, campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union, but Corbyn said he would respect voters' decision to leave.

One of the most bearish pound speculators, who was predicting armaggedon for the British currency, has admitted he was blind sided by Prime Minister Theresa May's shock election call yesterday.

"The Liberal Democrats said they want to grind the business of government to a standstill. What people did not vote for is the hard brutal Brexit that Mrs May has chosen".

Didn't the PM say she wouldn't do this?

Britain's second female prime minister also appears to have won strong popular support for her handling of the political quake unleashed by Brexit.

The Scottish National Party now holds 54 of Scotland's 59 seats in the British Parliament, making it the third-largest party there.

  • Leroy Wright