Snapchat introduces 3D lenses to transform your surroundings

Now these filters or "lenses" are different from what the company has previously offered. The new AR lenses aka 3D World lenses are powered by the company's advanced face-detection technology, which can now be used on an iPhone's rear camera. They're a filter of sorts not limited to selfies. For now, your only options are a cloud, a rainbow, flowers, and a colorful OMG sticker but they will be adding and changing it up daily.

Yesterday, Facebook held its F8 developer conference, where it boasted it was "making the camera the first augmented reality platform".

Snapchat is bringing a new feature to its acclaimed application - World Lenses.

Snapchat has launched new 3D lenses, allowing users to change the world around them in three dimensions. Through opening the camera in the Snapchat app, users are able to pick from a selection of lenses by tapping on the screen. Once you've chosen the lens, you can then move it around the screen before taking a photo or video.

The new lenses should be live in the app today, so check them out when you use the back camera. The demo video, however, will exhibit something familiar to anybody who purchased the initial hype of the Nintendo 3DS, that appeared with AR boards that engaged you place and practically communicate with 3D graphics that resembled to have anchored to, and mixed with, the real world. So, if you walk away from it, it'll get smaller.

  • Arturo Norris