Snapchat embraces AR with New World lenses

Snap distinctly doesn't name "augmented reality" or "AR" previously in its blog entry stating the news, favoring instead to speak about the way users can paint the world and explore the scene in many ways with the its "3D experiences".

Snapchat's 3D lenses filters now work in the real world.

Add captions, color, and even Bitmoji to the world around you with World Lenses Using them is super easy - and super fun! Snapchat first introduced world lenses previous year.

Instagram and Facebook have recently added features similar to Snapchat Stories. The second is the Spectacles, a pair of smart wearable sunglasses equipped with a video camera that allows the user to take 10-second Snapchat video clips.

Snapchat is combining an innovative approach to utilize its app that produces its traditional filters beyond faces.

Excited for the future of AR with the announcement of an AR platform by @facebook and the release of world lenses by @Snapchat! CNET notes that the company has been developing the technology for some time, and that World Lenses would be the social media app's foray into the technology.

Snapchat had already been "pushed into the background" by the success of Pokémon Go, developed by Google, and "the mere whiff of Apple venturing into the AR space", she said. "It's quite a few steps ahead of its competition and by beating Facebook to the punch today, it really showed they have the most to offer right now".

  • Arturo Norris