Samsung starts pre-orders for Galaxy S8

You get a free Gear VR headset if you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 before April 21.

Is it worth switching from your Galaxy S7 Edge to the latest Galaxy S8 Plus? The latter also gained Mobile HDR certification, meaning increased contrast and brightness levels. However, like devices that have come before for it, Samsung's Galaxy S8 might be easy to break into because of its Face Unlock feature. Even though the S8 is the size of an iPhone 7, its display is as large as the one on the iPhone 7 plus.

The processor for Samsung Galaxy S7 is an Octa Core processor with 2.3 GHz Quad + 1.6 GHz Quad.

In terms of random access memory, the Galaxy S8+ gets the upper hand with a 4 GB capacity compared to the 3 GB found on the iPhone 7 Plus. In terms of the camera specs, Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a 12MP dual-pixel sensor rear shooter and an 8MP autofocus front snapper. To make room for the "Infinity" display, Samsung made a decision to kill the traditional physical home button. Therefore, Samsung's phablet is going to be the device to feature a display fingerprint sensor. But it could still alert the battery-wary ones, provided the devices feature a bigger display.

In case you didn't know, these price tags are much better than what other carriers offer, although Verizon has valued the standard S8 at $720 and $840 for the Galaxy S8 Plus. Both the chipset variants have been created to be more power-efficient than the previous chipsets. Samsung had also revealed in a recent report that the Exynos 8895 is also capable of hitting gigabit speeds. The devices will feature a RAM of 4GB, but there are hints that Samsung would drop a 6GB variant exclusively for the Asian markets.

Bottom line, the video embedded at the end of this article shows the Galaxy S8 facial recognition being tricked by a photo, which could pose some serious security issues if not addressed. We need to check if Samsung has managed to deliver the same stunning results with the upgraded algorithm.

Samsung is expected to launch three flagship smartphones this year, including the Galaxy S8 that's already available for preorder, the Galaxy X that's supposed to be its first foldable smartphone, and the Galaxy Note 8 phablet that's already confirmed to arrive in the second half of the year.

The Galaxy S8 is notable for its radical design, and a new patent suggests that Apple may also introduce innovative new features into the iPhone 8.

  • Carolyn Briggs