Protesters march to demand Trump release tax returns

Here's the thing, President Donald Trump says, about those nasty protesters demanding to see his tax returns: Whose pocket are they secretly in? Some hopeful anti-Trump voters speculate that the president's tax returns could contain a smoking gun that would show his overwhelming financial ties to Russian Federation.

But the rallying cries didn't come just from his opponents.

"It's possible that he can now show his taxes, because his current taxes are not being audited", said Demerlis. "I would rest easier".

The tax return issue probably polls reasonably well, in the sense that if you ask people whether President Trump should release his tax returns most probably answer, "Sure".

Protesters in Raleigh said they believed Trump's refusal to release his tax returns was a worrying sign.

The Tax March was organized by a group affiliated with, the Working Families Party, Stand Up America, and several other Democrat-affiliated or leaning groups, according to the Tax March website.

Other events took place without major incidents in such USA cities as Chicago, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C., and outside pf Trump's south Florida resort home, Mar-a-Lago.

"I think it would be in the President's benefit to release them, and I think as the American people, we want to see that", Kinzinger said.

Despite the growing consensus among Americans that Trump should release his returns, the president refuses to budge, saying in a tweet that we should instead continue to fawn over his "impossible" Electoral College win in last fall's election.

The Trump tax marches were launched by a single tweet, organizers said. In Los Angeles, protesters - some of them wearing the pink "pussyhats" of earlier protests - chanted: "Donald Trump has got to go".

Still, the White House has not indicated Trump has any intentions of releasing his returns. Palo Alto's traditional Tax Day protests against military spending vibrated the city's downtown in a bigger way than usual this year. During the campaign, Trump initially indicated he would release the documents, but later balked at the prospect, claiming that he has been under audit and that voters don't care about the issue.

  • Zachary Reyes