Phone sign-in for Microsoft accounts

This app does raise the question about what the future of Wunderlist may be, seeing as you can import your to-dos from Wunderlist (and Todoist) from inside of To-Do, Wunderlist appears to be at the end of the road; Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in June of 2015 and at the time, the service had 13 million users.

The US company has announced a new update created to help users avoid hammering on the keyboard to login to their favourite service. Tap the notification, and Microsoft Authenticator will show you three two-digit numbers, as well as the location of where you're signing in.

This new feature should make using two-factor authentication less hassle for users.

To set up the Microsoft Authenticator app, users would need to select from the dropdown button on the account tile and chose Enable Phone Sign in.

[Update] Microsoft has published a blog post about this app and this is the official successor to Wunderlist. Microsoft's Authenticator app now allows you to skip through the password entry entirely. Now the Enterprise Mobility and Security team at Microsoft has announced that the phone sign in is now available globally for iOS and Android.

After entering my user name, I was then given the option to either use my password or the Authenticator app. After you receive a notification on your phone to approve the login, just click approve, and you're in.

Just hit "Approve" to sign in to a Microsoft account from your phone.

"This process is easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised".

"Using your phone to sign in with PIN or fingerprint is a seamless way to incorporate two account "proofs" in a way that feels natural and familiar", he added.

Microsoft Authenticator is a new app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that ditches passwords for Windows log-ins with one-time passcode that are delivered to your smartphone.

  • Carolyn Briggs