On with the hunt: Parks & Rec event an Easter weekend tradition

A relative saw the event was occurring and told them about it, sparking their interest in attending the Animal Egg Hunt.

Asked if the Easter bunny costume was hot and itchy, Shepherd said not itchy but if she stood still too long in one spot, it got hot. The event also featured an inflatable slide and an inflatable obstacle course.

"10,000 eggs go fast", said Craig Heppe, who brought his four children to the event. Six years ago, the city street crew had to scrape snow off the softball fields so the event could be held.

Hunts are divided by age groups and abilities.

Ignite the Senses Children's Gym, located in Suite C1 at 163 Bluffton Rd, will host The Hunt for the Easter Bunny & His Friends on Saturday from 10a.m.to noon. As for that Easter egg hunt, more than 250,000 eggs were used, and when it is all done and over with, they will all be tossed in bins and reused for next year.

"I accidentally tripped someone", said Jackson's brother, Jacob.

A church should minister to as many folks as possible, said Powell, and that's exactly what Salem Baptist does. "They've never seen a helicopter that close, and they've just been giggling about it all day", said Kearney resident James Boland. "We should minister beyond our walls, and even beyond Surry County". The event will also feature live music and an appearance by the Easter Bunny. "Not many people do that anymore". Some commute almost an hour to attend.

They found the Golden Eggs and won gift bags: From left, Colin Bess, 5; Adaline Claire, 10 months.; and Lana Alvarado, 7.

"We are only closed 3 days a year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter and now we are open on Easter so we thought lets try and do some family activities maybe a little twist on the general Easter egg hunt", said Jamie Klund.

The Easter egg hunt madness started two hours later.

Jonathan and Noah Gonzales said they had fun participating in the egg hunt.

  • Leroy Wright