On National Equal Pay Day, local women's groups rally

"This women would have to work more than ten years longer to make up for this lifetime wage gap", King said.

Director of Workplace Policy for National Partnership.org, Sarah Fliesch-Flink said the statistics are plain for all to see.

Critics of the pay gap data argue that women self-select into lower-paid occupations, that they take time out for child rearing, and that they tend more often than men to work part-time. It exists to symbolize the gender wage gap and bring awareness to the fact that women are still getting paid less than men, in twenty-freaking-seventeen.

Equal Pay Day is a reminder that despite some progress, the wage gap persists, and women have ways to go when it comes to economic equality. She suggests that raising the minimum wage and businesses conducting pay audits by gender and race could both help make society more equal.

That puts us at 22nd in state equal pay rankings. The NWLC also details that the lifetime losses due to the wage gap in Missouri totals over $600,000 for black women and almost $750,000 for Latina women.

In New York, median annual pay for a woman who holds a full-time, year-round job is $46,208 while median annual pay for a man who holds a full-time, year-round job is $52,124.

This isn't the first Equal Pay Day; it was started in 1996. So, just how much less are minority women making than their white female and male counterparts? "We are always looking for those people who have a lot of drive and are excited about marketing, and what we pay them is absolutely the same", said Davenport. Alabama's wage gap amounts to $10,747 a year.

"Women are in many cases now, the primary breadwinner in a family, and when they don't make enough money to sustain a good living, it has a ripple effect through our entire economy", she explained. Organizers say that means Alabama women lose a combined $11 billion every year because of the gap.

  • Zachary Reyes