Nintendo Switch 2.2.0 System Update Is Available Now

While the Wii U Edition had only supported the Classic world type, it was confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Edition will support Classic (864×864 blocks), Small (1024×1024 blocks) and Medium (3072×3072 blocks).

Following the recent news of hackers finding a major breach in the Switch system only nine days after launch, Nintendo woke up and started its hostile strategy against malicious developers.

The changelog does not contain further details, it is guessed as a minor update that does not include new features but is limited to optimize certain features of the operating system and to improve the stability of the same. Of course, these patches are quickly discovered online and alerted to gamers as to what Nintendo actually patched. The Switch's better hardware allows for the game to run smoothly at higher frames, but also allows for a much larger world size.

After the update 2.1.0 released on April 2, Nintendo announced today the arrival of a new update of its firmware for the Nintendo Switch, called 2.2.0.

The FTC says when you try to download the Nintendo Switch emulator, you can install unwanted applications on your computer. You'll find that the update which is described as the following. This is a big plus when it comes to any gaming console, because you want your device to be reliable and not to crash at random points, which can mean that your entire progress up to that point was lost unless Auto Save is turned on. Perhaps this latest update may have solved some past issues you were having on the console, though only time will tell right now.

  • Arturo Norris