Ivanka Trump's business deals with China raise questions from ethics experts

Alec Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live" as President Trump this week for show's first coast-to-coast live broadcast, with former cast member Jimmy Fallon, who hosted the episode, making an appearance as Jared Kushner.

A group of US House of Representatives Democrats are calling on federal authorities to suspend President Donal Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner's security clearance amid a wide-ranging probe into Trump associates' contacts with Russian officials.

Baldwin's Trump offered Kushner his large, presidential desk, and sat down at a child-size desk near the floor - from which he yelled the customary "Live from NY, it's Saturday Night!"

Fallon, host of "The Tonight Show" on NBC and former SNL cast member, returned to host on Saturday in the show's first-ever truly live-from-New-York broadcast - viewers from coast to coast in the USA and Canada could tune in simultaneously to watch the program as a shared television experience. Senior adviser Steve Bannon and Trump-in-law Kushner have, apparently, been at each other's throats over who's daddy's favorite.

FILE - In this Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka walk to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington.

"Jared, you're such an inspiration", Baldwin as Trump said.

In a typical "Apprentice" manner, the Trump character played out an elimination, in which Bannon was banished and asked to "join Kellyanne Conway in the basement". When I see a photo of you, it makes me want to puke. Trump's "little Kush ball" strolls in to EMF's "Unbelievable", wearing the super-chill shades and name tag he wore for his Iraq visit. Word has been that Bannon's nationalism wasn't jiving with the idealogies of others close to Trump, like Kushner. Watch video of Alec Baldwin's latest impression when it becomes available.

The legislator harshly criticized Kushner for failing to unveil numerous contacts he reportedly made with Russian officials in the months leading up to Trump's inauguration.

The shame of that is, poor Bannon has to get dragged back to hell by an even more grim reaper. "And I'm so sad my presidency is finally coming to an end". You need all the help you can get.

For her part, comedienne Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny explaining Passover on was a marvel of comedic timing. "Just fix everything, OK?"

"Hey, kids! Happy Easter", McCarthy's Spicer greeted.

The studio audience responded with one of the biggest roars of the night. "I clearly meant to say 'concentration clubs'". "I know that. I'm aware", Spicer said. The simulated Spicer: "At least they didn't have to fly United".

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