India is what it is because of Sardar Patel: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was always been considered as one of the most modest and heartful leader, earlier, Modi gifted 'the lord shiva stole' to a twitter follower after she wished. "So they certainly will opt for the branded ones but for the remaining 75-80 per cent prescribing generic medicine will be a boon", said Julka.

The US Food and Drug Administration defines a generic drug as identical or bio-equivalent to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, etc.

Generic drugs are usually much less expensive than brand name drugs once they reach the market.

PM Modi also said that tribal communities had played a vital role during the independence and hence the Government would initiate a digital exhibition displaying the valour of the tribal communities.

India's flourishing generic drug manufacturing industry has been of concern not only to Indian big pharma, but globally as well. "We will bring in a legal framework by which if a doctor writes a prescription, he has to write in it that it will be enough for patients to buy generic medicines and he need not buy any other medicines". One key hurdle to increased penetration of generic drugs is the patents that are afforded to drug's original makers. "When I prescribed ferrous sulfate, which is an iron tablet, the patient came back and reported all drugstores she approached said the medicine was not available".

The saree will cover the entire stretch of the road show depicting schemes launched by the Modi government. In fact, the Jan Aushadi shops are also part of the Government's efforts to promote generic medicines. He said, that health and medical services are still costly and hard for the poor people in remote areas. Last year, the PMO asked Niti Aayog to help develop an indigenous hub for the manufacture of bulks drugs including common painkillers which are mostly imported from China. This was to bring down the health-care cost. "Through such rules, prices of over 700 such medicines have been reduced".

  • Joanne Flowers