House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection

Chaffetz says he has "no ulterior motives", and is healthy and confident he would re-elected. Kudos to Congressman Chaffetz for keeping his word. I have no doubt the 3rd Congressional District will be represented by a Republican.

In a message on his Facebook page, Chaffetz thanked supporters and announced he will "not be a candidate for any office in 2018". He added, "Republicans have a deep bench of talented candidates in Utah who are more than up to this challenge. I love serving in Congress, but I love my family more", Chaffetz said in an interview Wednesday with KSL Newsradio in Salt Lake City.

Chaffetz had pushed hard against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, and has promised the committee had "years of material" against her had she won in November. "I have the full support of Speaker (Paul) Ryan to continue as Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee", he said in his Facebook post. And he and other Republicans asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Clinton lied to Congress during her 2015 testimony to House Benghazi panel.

"I'm not going to be here forever", Chaffetz said of Washington.

When Chaffetz led a failed effort to scuttle the District's new assisted suicide law in February, residents in the typically liberal district donated money to Kidd, despite his conservative credentials.

Chaffetz's district is among the most Republican in the country, and the lawmaker has won reelection with at least 70 percent of the vote four times in a row, Politico reported.

But Chaffetz has has seen a groundswell of opposition - both nationally and back home - for his handling of investigations surrounding Trump and the Trump administration.

Chris Karpowitz, co-director at Brigham Young University's Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, said Chaffetz may be seeking to avoid a potentially embarrassing primary loss or close race in 2018 that could hurt his prospects for the 2020 governor's race. "Clearly, Chaffetz crumbled under the weight of the widespread backlash that he's been facing for refusing to do his job, which is a victory for all Americans and will serve as a motivating force for the grassroots". "I would take a serious, serious look at running for governor".

  • Julie Sanders