Get to the net: Behind Blues 3-0, Wild seeking more screens

The St. Louis Blues will look to sweep a series for the sixth time in franchise history in their Western Conference First Round series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Minnesota Wild at Scottrade Center on Wednesday.

As for the Blues, they know this series could be 3-0 the other way right now, especially with the way the rest of the postseason has played out.

Dating back to the end of the regular season, the Blues have won six straight games.

When you look at game 3, the Wild only had one more high danger chance than the Blues (9 to 8) and Dubynk let in a low danger goal against. That win came after two huge Blues victories in Minnesota in games one and two, the Blues winning both of those games 2-1.

If the defense keeps it up, and if Allen has another MVP level game tonight, the Blues move on to probably square off against the Nashville Predators. However you slice it, Blues fans are familiar with seeing their team lead the shooting gallery but trail the scoreboard. Allen is posting an incredible.974 save percentage.

Wednesday will be the time for the Wild to play this hand they were dealt...either the good times will roll in, or the 2017 season will officially be flushed. "If I ask my goaltender just to give up two goals a game, we're going to succeed".

"Yeah, anytime somebody's got their head buried like that I think it's a good time for a kill shot", he said with a smirk. In practice Tuesday in Minnesota, coach Bruce Boudreau split up Mikael Granlund and Mikko Koivu for the first time this season.

That type of comeback did not surface again until 33 years later when the New York Islanders came back from down 3-0 to win in the NHL Quarterfinals. "What happened when we were doing that, we got better together, and the guys, just fully committed to each other, to the type of game we wanted to play, and then once that happens, you get a belief that's very strong, that's where we're at".

"When you see independent contracting going on out on the ice, whether you're a fan or not, it's easy to see".

Allen has left an impression with the Wild. That, plus shooting lower on Allen to generate some rebounds, could lead to the kind of "garbage" or "greasy" goals that always seem to crop up in key moments in the National Hockey League playoffs.

  • Julie Sanders