Georgia Special Election Headed For Runoff

Democrat Jon Ossoff fell below the threshold needed to outright win the race for Georgia's 6th District, triggering a runoff with Republican Karen Handel, the Associated Press reports.

Part of what is fueling Democratic excitement about the race is that while Trump won Georgia by six percentage points, the district that Ossoff seeks to win supported Trump by barely one point over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

USA president Donald Trump faced the first electoral challenge of his presidency on Tuesday night, as Republicans failed to secure a key congressional seat in the Republican heartland of Georgia, prompting a run-off on June 20th.

With few other events on the political calendar, the race was seen as a bellwether of the national mood during Trump's turbulent first few months in office. It's suburban, highly educated. So this is really a dress rehearsal for the 2018 congressional elections. The attacks, Democrats concede, slowed Ossoff's momentum. That massive influx of cash, coupled with a lack of any other serious Democrats in the race and a disdain among many Republicans in the district for Trump's in-your-face style, made for a surprising opportunity for Democrats in the south - a region where the party has been decimated over the last decade.

Republicans escaped a potentially brutal loss on Tuesday night - for now - by forcing a runoff in a closely watched Georgia special congressional election.

An Ossoff win would not tip the balance of power in the Republican-controlled House but could weaken Trump's already shaky hold on his party there by encouraging those in competitive districts to distance themselves from him.

President Trump points to a family member as he makes cards for members of the military at a craft table during the 139th Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday.

Republicans believe a two-candidate scenario will benefit them in a district that has been in Republican hands since 1978, when Atlanta suburbanites elected a young congressman named Newt Gingrich.

But perhaps most importantly, a victory for Ossoff is a sign of hope for the coming years in politics - because as President Trump knows all too well, Ossoff might just be the first of many Democrats to make their way to Washington and help balance the Hill. But with 185 of 210 precincts reporting, he held 48.3 percent of the vote - just shy of the 50 percent he needed to become the first Democrat to represent Atlanta's affluent northern suburbs since the 1970s. "VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and wants higher taxes".

"He is running against Donald Trump and he's losing", the former Republican lawmaker stated.

President Donald Trump, who slammed Ossoff on Twitter in the hours before the election, was apparently also staying up waiting for the election results. An entire slate_Republicans, Democrats and independents - appeared on one primary ballot. The leading Democrat, 30-year-old Jon Ossoff, needs to clear 50 percent to avoid a June runoff. A WSB-TV poll released Friday (14 April) placed Ossoff in the lead at 45.3% with Handel following in second at 17.4%. And this is the seat that sent Secretary [Tom] Price to the president's administration. A political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan has spent more than $2 million attacking Ossoff.

  • Leroy Wright