General Election: 50 Days to Show May the Door

He said: "I have made no secret about my significant and irreconcilable differences with the current Labour leadership".

Mr Woodcock said his opposition was founded in part on Mr Corbyn's opposition to the Trident nuclear deterrent, which is a crucial provider of jobs in the Cumbria constituency. "And I want to lead a government that will transform this country, give real hope to everybody and above all bring about a principle of justice for everybody and economic opportunities for everybody".

Labour critics, however, were skeptical about the party's capacity to turn the election into a chance for government.

"The people who voted for Brexit are not stupid, they're not idiots or xenophobes".

Mr Corbyn won brief but polite applause after addressing MPs at an evening meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, after arriving late due to being delayed on a train back from a visit to Birmingham. Louder clapping greeted defeated leadership candidate Yvette Cooper's call for the party to fight for every seat.

It is the third survey in recent days to record a 21-point Tory lead over Labour - though another survey released over the weekend put the gap at nine points.

"We can win, absolutely".

Lucas told Business Insider earlier this year that she had been in discussion with some Labour MPs about the possibility of forming an alliance.

Prominent Remain campaigner Mr Johnson said he would step down now to avoid a by-election if he stepped down in a few years time.

Whether his personal popularity can outweigh Jeremy Corbyn's negative impact on the party's support will make the race in London especially interesting.

Political predictions are very hard - the quality is poor because journalism tends to attract people prone to biases and lacking the openness required for forecasting - but I think I can safely bet that Jeremy Corbyn will not win the general election.

In Scotland, the Scottish National Party continue to dominate the polls, but the Conservatives may be set to nearly double their vote to become the second biggest party in terms of Westminster votes, ahead of Labour - though this is unlikely to make much of a difference in terms of seats in the current electoral system.

"She (May) is clearly betting that the Tories can win a bigger majority in England given the utter disarray in the Labour party", said Sturgeon.

The eurosceptic Westminster prospect declared Ukip is the only party capable of achieving a satisfactory Brexit, adding it would need a presence in the House of Commons to do so.

  • Leroy Wright