Emirates cuts flights on five US routes as restrictions hit demand

"We will closely monitor the situation with the view to reinstate and grow our USA flight operations as soon as viable", Emirates said. In March, the United States banned electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from cabin luggage on flights from 10 airports....

Some of the first signs that Donald Trump's tough security measures could have a negative impact on tourism were seen when Emirates announced it will cut flights to the US.

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One day after the president of Qatar Airways told CNN i that the ban on carry-on electronics was "not necessary to frighten passengers", Emirates has announced that it will reduce US flights due to the Trump administration's restrictive policies.

This should come as welcome news for America's three legacy carriers.

FILE - In Tuesday April 20, 2010 file photo, an Emirates airline passenger jet taxis on the tarmac at Dubai International airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirates and its Gulf rivals deny the allegations.

"Emirates can confirm that we will be reducing flights to five of the 12 United States cities we now serve".

Daily flights from Dubai to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando will be cut to five a week. On June 1 and 2, respectively, service to Seattle and Boston will drop from twice-daily services to a daily service. From 1 July, our operations to Los Angeles will move from twice-daily to a daily service.

The airline stressed the decision was "commercial".

Emirates does not provide financial data for its US operations or individual routes, but said it had seen "healthy growth and performance" there until the start of the year. However, over the past 3 months, we have seen a significant deterioration in the booking profiles on all our USA routes, across all travel segments.

The airline's reductions are due to begin next month, and will affect five of the 12 USA destinations that Emirates serves.

It said it is responding as "any profit-oriented enterprise would" and will use the capacity freed up by the culled routes elsewhere on its network.

Emirates said it will continue to monitor the situation "with the view to reinstate and grow our United States flight operations as soon as viable".

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