Dylan O'Brien Goes Shirtless in 'American Assassin' Trailer

The upcoming film is based on Vince Flynn's novel of the same name, but the character's cold efficiency with guns and knives definitely draws comparisons to Marvel's Winter Soldier, the metal-armed assassin with a tragic backstory. Watch the first American Assassin trailer below.

Did you catch how hot Dylan O'Brien looks in the new trailer for his film American Assassin? After losing his parents in a vehicle accident at the age of 14, Mitch thinks he has found the joie de vivre thanks to his girlfriend, but the latter dies, murdered on a beach by terrorists. Mitch is at the beach with his girlfriend where he proposes to her, only for tragedy to strike in the form of a group of terrorists mowing down anyone in their way - including Mitch's fiancee.

When the Central Intelligence Agency gets a hold of Mitch, they turn him over to Cold War vet Stan Hurley (Keaton) for some proper training.

In addition to Lathan, the film will star Michael Keaton, Taylor Kitsch, and Dylan O'Brien.

In the film O'Brien plays Mitch Rapp, a Central Intelligence Agency recruit, who is first seen on the beach and in the water at an idyllic tropical resort, proposing to his fiancee. "You think that qualifies you for my selection process?"

Oscar-winner Michael Keaton co-stars as veteran agent Stan Hurley, who is assigned to train Rapp for his mission. They then find that they have to stop efforts by an operative played by Taylor Kitsch, who is bent on "starting a World War in the Middle East".

  • Salvatore Jensen