Democrat Thompson's Strong Showing In Special Election Could Signify Shift In Kansas

Pompeo had won reelection in November by more than 30 points.

"The DCCC will continue its longstanding and failed model of helping only most favored candidates until grassroots disgust makes that stance untenable", said Jeff Hauser, a longtime progressive strategist. Just imagine if Democrats everywhere started improving over last year's presidential margins by 12 points.

Estes carried Sumner County by 27 points on Tuesday.

Thompson spokesman Chris Pumpelly said Estes' victory required recorded calls from Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and other help from Republicans nationally. But it's the best evidence we've got that right now, voters in traditionally Republican districts aren't thrilled with Trump.

Republicans declared victory Tuesday night in the first congressional election since Donald Trump became president, winning a seat in Kansas that became vacant earlier this year. But the district elected a Democrat, foretelling the party's successes in the 1982 mid-terms.

Ossoff has raised more than three times the $1.8 million collected by Dan Moody, the top fundraising Republican in the Georgia race, according to the most recent FEC reports.

The contest began with Pompeo's January 23 departure from Congress, which attracted little national attention until the start of April. A glance at local Kansas papers reveals just how much public discontent with the governor influenced this race.

Inside the district, however, both parties saw early potential for an upset.

This latest poll is "based on telephone interviews conducted April 5-9, 2017, with a random sample of 1,019 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 USA states and the District of Columbia".

But in Topeka, the state capital, he became associated with a Republican governing team that has presided over a weak economic recovery and a series of budget deficits. The Democratic candidate, James Thompson, was a political novice who couldn't attract big-dollar donations from Democrats around the nation. The was district once represented by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The DCCC congratulated Thompson for forcing Republicans to spend money in order to hold the seat.

Campaign manager Colin Curtis said at the time that state Democrats had the opportunity to win the district for the first time in 23 years but that it felt like a lot of the current establishment of the party was "sitting on the sidelines".

The Democratic Party, meanwhile, underwent an evolution of its own. We see hissing snakes and angry gators, as Estes warns of "liberal activists. trying to steal this election by supporting a Bernie Sanders-backed lawyer because they know he will vote the way Pelosi tells him to".

Estes is the state treasurer. But the antiabortion McKinney lost a tight party contest to the pro-abortion rights, economically populist Thompson.

Only Sedgwick County showed Thompson ahead of Estes. Estes rallied with Sen.

Victoria Snitsar, a student at the University of Kansas who lives in Lawrence, supported Estes' message of fiscal conservatism and knocked on doors for him in Wichita during the campaign.

  • Leroy Wright