Daniel Cormier Retires Anthony Johnson And Retains His Title At UFC 210

However, Cormier recovered from the knockdown and earned a third-round submission win. Cormier said that unlike other UFC fighters who faced Johnson, he is not afraid of his opponent in any way, shape or form.

Jones wouldn't say whether he'll immediately return to the cage for UFC 213, which is scheduled a week after his suspension is lifted. "I just want Saturday to come", said middleweight Chris Weidman. I want to do something besides going to the gym every day, punching and kicking and rolling around with another dude - s*** gets old. I've improved my wrestling. I'm not going to beg for cheers. I don't need to improve.

Directly after the fight, Johnson, 33, was interviewed by Joe Rogan and made the surprising announcement that he's retiring from MMA.

On Monday, Johnson bid farewell to the sport one more time while also saying goodbye to the nickname that's become so synonymous for him in mixed martial arts. The fight was a rematch of a hard fought battle between the two back in May of 2015 that saw Cormier choke out Johnson halfway through the third round.

In both cases, the betting line spent most of its life around a pick'em until Johnson garnered support closer to the fight. "I knew he had some decent striking".

"I felt great", he said. "I've always been here". After stuffing yet another Johnson takedown attempt, Cormier wrestled him back down to the canvas and took Johnson's back easily. I know who DC is. But, "Rumble" went for more takedowns in round two. Thank you all for the love and support throughout the yrs... "Believe that. Go ahead. I was exhausted. I was very discouraged and upset because of after that had just happened, so I didn't even realize that I was doing it". Cormier isn't the biggest fan of Jones and prior to the fight made some interesting remarks regarding Jones. I'm in a better place.

When he stepped on the scale the second time, Cormier had his hands on the top of the towel and seemed to be pushing down ever so subtly - which could have the effect of lifting him, just fractionally enough, off the scale. I'm happy. I'm stress-free. "I feel no stress, no pressure". I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because it's a title shot.

  • Julie Sanders