Creator Update for Windows 10 promises new changes for the OS

Though displeased and irritated, the hardcore fans were still sort of content, until Microsoft released build 15204 for Windows 10 Mobile.

The last update to the Surface Pro line of tablets came back in 2015 meaning it has been almost two years since the line was updated. This has led to another rumor that Microsoft might hold a second event in May to unveil the new Surface Book 2. The Redmond-based tech giant needs to take a call on whether to go with a new hybrid or simply upgrade the existing hardware.

More importantly, Windows Cloud comes with inking built-in and that is going to be crucial for Microsoft. Rumors suggest it's essentially identical to the Surface Pro 4 with the addition of a Kaby Lake processor.

Ultimately, that is still OK as those apps are easy to uninstall and you do not need to deal with all the desktop software that many OEMs install on their devices.

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system keeps a list of notifications in the Action Center. Called Power Throttling, the feature was first introduced with Creators Update Preview build 15002 to bring new power management capabilities but will make its official debut with the Redstone 3 later this year.

After months of speculation, Windows 10 Creators Update is finally here. The name of Windows Cloud is not "ideal" for lack of a better word, and that's because the product literally does not have anything to do with the cloud.

Windows Cloud will provide an alternative to Google's Chromebook, which threatens the Windows OS and automatically ties users to Google's cloud.

Microsoft recently opened up its cloud-based Teams application to Office 365 Education plans, which is another piece of the puzzle. Then, on Friday, Microsoft caused a bit of a tempest in a teapot by announcing that (for the first time) Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 development branches would separate, with W10M getting its own "Feature2" fork, and limiting the number of supported devices for the Windows Insider Program moving forward.

Windows Cloud will only let users download and install apps from the Windows Store, which means you basically won't have to worry about malware on your PC.

It can be recalled that there were reports a year ago that Microsoft has started testing several prototypes of the Surface Phone, according to Nokia Power User.

Microsoft went into a partnership with Qualcomm late 2016 to give ARM another shot. However, according to Business Insider, sources close to the company say that it is unlikely for Microsoft to launch Surface Pro 5 in that event. The new tabbed experience in Windows 10 will work across all the different apps including Win32 apps, the Universal Windows Platform apps, and also in File Explorer.

  • Carolyn Briggs