Could Netflix documentary series The Keepers be the next Making A Murderer?

On Monday, Netflix quietly announced its brand-new docuseries called The Keepers, which will explore the unsolved murder of a young Baltimore nun who went missing in 1969.

Ever since Serial made true-crime obsessives of us all back in 2014, we've been eagerly seeking our next fix, and Netflix's latest docu-series The Keepers will provide just that. Her decomposed body was found in a field two months after her disappearance.

No one was charged in the murder of Sister Cathy.

That outlet reported that, in the 1990s, an anonymous woman who was a former English student of Sister Cathy's at Archbishop Keough High School claimed she was sexually abused by the Catholic school's priest.

After the success of "Making a Murderer" and "Amanda Knox", the streaming platform will take a look at the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. Despite this and testimony from other victims and witnesses of abuse, no one was held accountable, and the story was largely unreported outside of Baltimore. "But what has happened through making it is it has drawn people out in a way that wouldn't have happened if there wasn't going to be such a scrutiny or risk of exposure". Cathy's life, the lives of the many people she touched and the hidden stories in Baltimore that may be connected to her mysterious death.

He adds, "My hope in making this series is that we open up the conversation around what happened tothese children", White says. Vanity Fair reported that the premiere date for The Keepers is May 19, and it's directed by Ryan White, who previously directed The Case Against 8 and 2016's Serena.

  • Salvatore Jensen