Children flock to Auburn's Easter egg hunts

Thousands of kids and their families took part in an Easter Egg Harvest at People's Church in northwest Fresno.

Children and parents participated in the ninth annual Easter egg hunt on campus in AACC's dining hall Saturday morning.

Children of all ages came and crowded around in a circle as they waited for the signal to start looking for eggs.

He said it "has gotten bigger every year and has had some challenges".

No Limitations Athletics teamed up with Elite Therapy Center to make sure children with special needs are included in all Easter celebrations, including an egg hunt.

It costs the club $3,000 to $3,500 to put on the hunt and the club has several fundraisers to raise the money, including what the club calls the $1.98 beauty pageant, Rashott said.

Unlike last year, when there were 50 golden tickets up for grabs, this year featured only eggs stuffed with candy.

Sarah Sheppard, along with her three children, went to the Easter egg hunt because it was a family-fun activity that she knew they would all enjoy.

"I got eggs with treats in them", Addison said.

"Preregistration is really because we don't want to overcrowd everybody", said Reiner.

"They can feel like they're getting eggs from the ground just like any other kid", Kari McKown, co-owner of Elite Therapy Center, said. "We've been in past years and we always enjoy it", mom Kelly Lilly said. The event at People's Church brought families like the Maynards out, and mom Breanne says ideal weather helped create a great atmosphere for her two kids. "We played all the games and the bounce houses and then we did the Easter egg hunt", Pareesa said.

This hunt is all ears, as the children search for the eggs making a beeping noise.

"We just celebrated our 75th anniversary", Drake said. And that means Easter egg hunts are happening all over the Rogue Valley.

  • Leroy Wright