Brexit Plans Unchanged By UK Snap Election Call

Rather than later risk facing Labour under a new and potentially more popular leader, the Prime Minister chose to call the impromptu vote, even after months of giving reassurances she would not do so, sources inside Number 10 told The Financial Times.

Britain remains fundamentally divided on the question of European Union membership and a general election will not alter that fact. A large number of select committees are conducting inquiries into some aspect of the implications of Brexit, a select committee for exiting the European Union has only recently begun its work.

A Guardian/ICM poll conducted after Ms May's announcement yesterday found that 55 per cent of voters backed her decision to call a snap election, with 15 per cent opposing it.

For an election to be called before 2020, May needs a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons on the vote to be held later today (19 April).

The Labour leader said he wants to lead a government to "transform this country", ending austerity and tackling inequality. In the campaign to come, I hope to see some serious solutions on offer as part of the main parties' manifestos that adequately reflect the importance of the construction industry's welfare and future modernisation as part of its contribution to United Kingdom plc.

It has previously been reported that the Tories have plans to target up to 30 Labour seats in the North, as the party struggles to retain support under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Some were surprised by May's move - she has repeatedly said she does not want to be distracted by campaigning - but opinion polls give her a strong lead and the British economy has so far defied predictions of a slowdown in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

May justified her change of course by arguing that opposition parties, engaged in "political game-playing", were obstructing her government's attempts to navigate Brexit.

Brexit negotiator on behalf of the EU Guy Verhofstadt was surprisingly silent for a long time.

Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon - which May invoked on March 29, setting the Brexit process in motion - calls for two years of bargaining on the terms of Britain's departure. "I suggest she gets out more". "Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for opposition politicians who want to stop me from getting the job done". "Only a Labour government can deliver responsible Brexit negotiations which benefit students and working people".

And Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn did not even mention Brexit in his initial response to the snap election call, a sign that he does not intend to focus on the central question of British political life in his bid to gain seats. It tells you "all you need to know", he said.

"Whoever forms the next government, they should seek to build a partnership between business and government that is the best in the world, based on trust and shared interest".

The decision is expected to be rubber-stamped at a meeting of the party's ruling National Executive Committee on Wednesday, but the aide refused to say whether Mr Corbyn's wishes had been thwarted, saying only that there had been "a discussion" on the issue. "But events supersede everything".

There is also the option to register by post.

The MP criticised the leader last week after Labour lost a Middlesbrough council seat to the Tories on a by-election swing of 8%. Cycling up the River Lea, he was photographed stopping off at a small cafe to sample some chocolate cake and, in the absence of Theresa May, smell the coffee.

  • Zachary Reyes