BC NDP to roll out provincial election platform "later this week"

Voters are set to go to the polls May 9.

The mayors' council has sent a questionnaire to each party, asking them to specify their commitments to six priorities including if they'll match invest into SkyTrain and HandyDart upgrades, replace the Pattullo Bridge and authorize a development cost charge for transit.So far, only the Liberals have responded, Cote said.

The Liberals enter the campaign with a strong economic record, which includes the lowest jobless rate in Canada, a top-performing economy and consecutive surplus budgets.

It would also be the first time outside Alberta since 1985 that a Canadian political party has won a fifth straight majority.

The Liberals alleged the people on the NDP supporter lists did not consent that their personal information, including addresses, home telephone numbers and political affiliation, would be shared with a third party. The New Democrats took in less that half that total at $6.2 million. A special prosecutor was appointed days before the campaign to assist the RCMP in its Election Act probe of donations to both major parties.

When challenged on how the NDP would pay for any expansion at the Delta-Richmond crossing, Horgan said it would be paid for like any other capital project.

The complaint letter also alleged breaches as recent as November 2014 when the Liberals said the list was used during municipal elections in Saanich, B.C. She said she believes the dream of LNG export plants is still alive even though markets have cooled development.

She reacted sternly to NDP comments that LNG development has been a B.C. Liberal failure.

"We're going to eliminate them". "They just want to quit".

But NDP Leader John Horgan said the jobs Clark's government has created are temporary and part-time, and don't work for everyone.

But Mainstreet's David Valentin says no clear victor can possibly be picked this early in the race. "If we can make it a little bit harder for those wealthy foreign buyers, we are going to make it a whole lot easier for those middle-class British Columbians we want to put first", Premier Christy Clark said previous year.

The NDP unveiled its bus last Tuesday and Horgan has already visited B.C.'s Interior and much of Metro Vancouver. On Monday, he followed with a promise to freeze B.C. Hydro rates as well. "I feel like this was a deliberate attempt to distract from the problems Christy Clark is facing".

  • Zachary Reyes