April 4 is 'Equal Pay Day for Women'

Director of Workplace Policy for National Partnership.org, Sarah Fliesch-Flink said the statistics are plain for all to see. Based on the most recent data available from 2015, women in Greater Des Moines make 78 cents for every man's dollar.

Women in Colorado still make only 81 percent compared to every dollar a white, non-Hispanic male makes.

Around 9,000 employers across the United Kingdom will be required to publish the data under a scheme created to narrow the gap between what men and women are paid in the United Kingdom, now 18.1 per cent.

"Seeing companies doing that kind of advertising, and you've got companies starting to pledge that we're going to pay our employees, women or men, equally and fairly", she said. "This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year". The reasoning behind the campaign is this, if a woman makes 20 percent less than a man, she should pay 20 percent less for the purchases she makes.

Crimson & Whipped Cream will offer 20 percent off to women April 4. The gap gets worse for some racial and ethnic groups.

Ivanka Trump on Tuesday showed her support for Equal Pay Day, calling for the gender pay gap to be closed.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced the city is launching its second Equal Pay Awareness Week, with 14 free salary negotiation workshops for women. Companies will also be encouraged to publish "action plans" showing how they will attempt to close any gaps.

When it comes to solving this issue, there's an initiative in Springfield that was launched today through a partnership with the chamber of commerce hoping to make an impact on wages for women.

"It's not just about the pay check inequality but it's the access to other assets that allow you to be able to thrive". "Young black women (those with 0 to 10 years of experience) have been hardest hit since 2000".

  • Zachary Reyes