Apple readies iPhone overhaul for smartphone's 10th anniversary

For instance, it developed one prototype that uses a dramatically curved glass back like the original 2007 iPhone, which would be appropriate for a tenth anniversary device.

According to reports circulating recently, Apple is ready to pull out all stops to reduce its reliance on Samsung Electronics as its principle supplier of OLED panels for iPhone, and it is tapping-up LG Display to do the same.

Apple will be playing catch up to Samsung with some features, including the new organic light-emitting diode display, which Apple will for the time being have to source from Samsung. Beyond that, 3D sensing may allow for "3D selfies" and a vastly improved mobile gaming experience, 9to5Mac reports.

He said the Touch ID has become an integral part of Apple's devices, and must be preserved for security purposes. That unconventional new model might have a fingerprint scanner under the display, it might have a vertically-positioned dual camera on the back, and it might have a glass back. The design could look somewhat similar to the iPhone 4 Apple released in 2010, according to the report.

This week we've already heard rumours that the screen itself will not be as curved as numerous rumours have suggested, with Japanese blog Mac Otakara claiming the screen on the newly-redesigned handset will be nearly entirely flat. The company is also testing a simpler design that has an aluminum back, rather than a glass one, and slightly larger dimensions, one of the people said.

Speaking of Samsung, owning 95% of the smartphone OLED display market, the South Korean company is the biggest rival of the LG Display.

Corroborating months of rumours, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says Apple will release three iPhone models later this year. My thought is that if Samsung was unable to do it, Apple is likely going to have issues making it work as well.

The latest report falls in line with the schematics which were leaked earlier this week and hinted at an all-screen display with narrow bezels.

The anniversary model will come with a completely redesigned look.

Apple hasn't commented on that apparent change and what it has planned for the future.

Apple is apparently also testing embedding a fingerprint scanner within the display, but is running into technical issues which suggests it could be placed elsewhere in the final version. It's now unclear if that feature will make it into the final product.

  • Arturo Norris