Violent clashes over Donald Trump in California park

PHOTOS: Both sides of Trump debate clash " Some say free speech and there is some free speech issues but on the other hand a lot of them are very antagonistic", one protester said. They also seized a stun gun, mace, knives, an axe handle, bear spray, pepper spray and a concrete-filled can.

Organisers of "Tax March" in more than 150 cities across the country and beyond wanted to call attention to Trump's refusal to disclose his tax history, as his White House predecessors have done for more than 40 years.

Violence broke out in Berkeley, California, on April 15 between President Donald Trump supporters and opponents.

The groups then left the park and walked on Berkeley streets with police closely following them. Tear gas and pepper spray was used.

Meanwhile, giving a speech at a well-secured end of the park, alt-right blogger Lauren Southern railed against societal change, Kim Kardashian and the media.

Not to anyone's surprise, Trump supporters were quickly met with an equally effusive counter-protest of people who didn't seem to share their xenophobic and anti-feminist values.

At least 20 arrests were reported in California after violence broke out during a rally on Saturday demanding President Donald Trump release his full IRS returns.

Fistfights broke out, and protesters used pepper spray, metal pipes, lumber, bricks and other items that were prohibited for Saturday's protests.

Among those taking part in the counter-demonstration were black-clad Antifa activists, while on the pro-Trump side were members of the Oath Keepers militia from Montana, as well as a group of bikers.

"His a businessman and, more importantly, as a true American, a person who is concerned with American values, would be totally destroyed if all his financial information was made public", said Mike Mannshardt, a retired teacher.

We chose to show up anyway because this is our livelihood, said Tim Mueller, a farmer who owns the stall, surrounded by protesters on both sides.

Last month, 10 people were arrested and seven others injured at what was supposed to be a pro-Trump rally in the famously liberal community.

At least 100 people from both camps eventually moved out of the park and into one of the city's main intersections, where they continued to fist fight, hurl insults and chant at each other.

The unrest underscores the heightened political tensions that have taken hold since President Trump took office in January.

  • Larry Hoffman