Section of westbound I-20 buckles, highway shut down

"It is unknown how deep we will have to go to excavate, which will be the biggest hurdle to how quickly we can get this section of the road put back together", she said.

A portion of a highway along Atlanta's westbound Interstate-20 buckled on Monday due to an underground gas leak, according to the DeKalb County Police.

All westbound lanes have been closed.

Two to three lanes are expected to re-open by rush hour on Monday but the damage won't be repaired until afternoon on Tuesday.

Atlanta Gas Light spokeswoman Melissa Clontz says a contractor was working in the area, but the buckling was not caused by nor did it involve the release of natural gas. For now, Westbound motorists on I-20 are being asked to exit at Flat Shoals Road and take Cook Road to reenter the interstate. Stephen Fore said about 1:45 p.m. that there was no evidence of a leak.

GDOT spokeswoman Natalie Dale said the agency is using ground-penetrating radar to ensure the ground other the other lanes is stable before reopening them. "It was like a dip".

"I was coming off of 20 and the motorcycle guy, he was riding over and the motorcycle threw him up like 10 feet in the air".

A motorcycle and vehicle traveling along I-20 hit that section of road and went airborne. The bike landed about 50 yards away.

" 'This is not an occurrence that happens every day, ' Dale said". "More work for the DOT". Paramedic Dennis Pierre Charles said that the biker had multiple fractures and "his leg was likely broken".

WXIA-TV reports the large bump in the interstate is about 3 feet high.

"The roadway just started getting higher and higher", Charles said. "I'm not sure if something shifted underneath".

  • Salvatore Jensen