Resting regulars a topic on the final day of National Basketball Association season

No. 7 Indiana Pacers No. 3 Toronto Raptors vs.

The Bulls? They have play the NBA-worst Nets, who are a miserable 20-61. We played two solid games to end the season and get ourselves into the postseason.

Six teams per conference will make the playoffs.

All of this is fairly astonishing, the highs and the lows mixed in with the zero sum of another Chris Bosh health scare, but what really gets my goat is that after all this time, the franchise's fate could still be all wrapped up in Dwyane Wade. Miami's offense erupted. Six players scored more than 14 points, including Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters combining for 38, and the defense held MVP-hopeful James Harden to just 12-of-30 shooting.

"I don't know", said the starting point guard, who missed 44 games this season due to a pair of hamstring injuries. Statistics actually show that the Bulls offense is actually better without the 35 yr old guard but his player option is so much money how the hell could any sane person turn it down. Leave it to a former Bull to come back and haunt his old team by hitting some clutch baskets late in the game.

That thought was of little consolation to the coach and players who wanted to punctuate their record breaking turnaround by playing more than the standard 82 game schedule.

"He's probably playing the best out of any point guard", Rondo said. "We want Melo!" chants broke out.

Now starts that wonderful second season.

Should either the Bulls or Pacers lose, Miami can lock up a playoff spot with a win over the Washington Wizards. But a loss would leave the door open for the Heat to reach the postseason with a win against the Wizards. But Indiana downed Atlanta to clinch the No. 7 seed, and Chicago topped Brooklyn to grab the No. 8 spot.

James Johnson scored 12 points and finished with eight rebounds and eight assists as Miami swept the four regular-season games against the Southeast Division champion Wizards.

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George and Philadelphia 76ers guard Gerald Henderson were each fined $25,000 by the National Basketball Association for their behavior at Monday's game.

This would match them up with the Boston Celtics who now sit at the number one seed and have won all four regular-season games against the Heat.

They were 11-30 and returning home to face a strong Houston Rockets team.

Following the decision to rest three key players in a regular-season finale that has no meaning to them but playoff implications for several other teams in the East, the Nets defended their move by citing the need to go into the offseason healthy and to evaluate youngsters. Thabo Sefolosha played 23 minutes but didn't score.

Nicolas Brussino scored 15 points and Devin Harris had 15 points and eight assists off the bench for the Mavericks. Karl-Anthony Towns totaled 28 points and 21 rebounds, one shy of his career high. Marc Gasol added 13 points. Eerie similarities: Both those Blazers and this Heat team finished 41-41, and both had Josh McRoberts on the roster. The will try to bounce off that huge win with a showdown against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday.

The Clippers nicked it with their seventh straight win, a 115-95 victory over the Sacramento Kings, which rendered Utah's 101-97 triumph over the San Antonio Spurs meaningless.

  • Julie Sanders