N Korea may be capable of sarin-loaded missile attack: Japan

"There is a possibility that North Korea is already capable of delivering a warhead containing sarin", he said. He said, North Korea may already have the capability to shoot missiles loaded with sarin as warhead against Japan, CTV news reported Thursday.

Mr. Abe's remarks were made to highlight Japan's vulnerability to North Korean attack rather than to reveal new intelligence, a spokesman for him said.

"The security situation around our country is getting increasingly severe", Abe said, who was addressing the Japanese parliament's diplomacy and defense committee.

Just before Pyongyang's "Day of the Sun" event, Japanese PM says that North Korea may have equipped missiles with sarin nerve gas.

A US Navy aircraft carrier is heading toward the Korean Peninsula as Pyongyang prepares for the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim il-Sung, this weekend.

On Thursday researchers from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md posted photographs which appear to show activity at North Korea's nuclear test facilities.

The Korean peninsula has turned extremely volatile in recent months over the North's missile launches and subsequent exchange of warnings by Pyongyang and its rivals - the US, South Korea and Japan.

Abe did not provide any evidence why he felt North Korea had the capability to equip missiles with chemical weapons.

The South Korean Defense Ministry has estimated that Pyongyang started producing chemical weapons in the 1980s and has a stockpile of as much as 5,000 tons, including sarin. At the time, the Washington Post reported that Kim Jong-Un considered the missiles a test-run for real future strikes on USA military bases in Japan.

He tweeted: "North Korea is looking for trouble".

Han Song Ryol, North Korea's vice foreign minister, listens to a translator during an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, April 14, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Abe was responding to a question about Japan's readiness at a time of increased regional tension.

  • Leroy Wright