Mountain lion snatches pet dog from Northern California home

Deputies early Monday morning responded to a report of a mountain lion entering a home and snatching a small dog.

Andrew Hughan, a Fish and Wildlife spokesman, said the department is still trying to determine if the animal was a mountain lion. A woman told authorities that she and her child were asleep, with their 15-pound Portuguese Podengo at the foot of the bed, when they awoke to a mountain lion in their room.

"Daughter Catalina was left shaken by the incident but vowed not to let a similar fate befall one of her other pets, saying: "[We will] not let our dogs out at night and fix a lock on the door".

Fought said she woke up Monday to the sound of the dog barking aggressively when she saw the shadow of a large animal enter the room and take the dog from the bed.

"Wet, very clear, large paw prints walking in", Fought said, adding that she also saw drops of blood.

Deputies searched the area and found paw prints comparable to a mountain lion.

Additional information about the dog was not immediately available, as the residents opted for privacy. The Sheriff's Office notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for a follow up investigation.

"They prefer deer, but at the same time, they are predators and do hunt", he said.

The door was only slightly ajar, but it was enough to let a mountain lion slip in and take away a beloved pet right next to a sleeping child.

"It's the first I've heard of an entry like that".

Fought said she thought Lenore finally recognized the bigger dog. "I've lived out here since the '90s, and I've never seen a mountain lion". "I'm so sorry for those people". He examined what appeared to be mountain lion tracks that were spotted just down the lane.

"They're very easy to find, inexpensive, light and compact", Zuno said of the devices.

Authorities are advising residents to secure their doors and windows, as more than half of California is mountain lion habitat.

  • Leroy Wright