Lawyer: Fox Launching Investigation Into Harassment Claim Against Bill O'Reilly

Bloom then announced that attorneys for the company have since contacted her and told her that they are taking the allegation seriously and conducting an investigation as they are legally required.

"As president, I promise I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you people work in coal for the rest of your lives, and your kids will work in coal, and your grandkids", he told one cast member. Bloom said she was informed about 21 Century Fox's investigation on Friday.

Bloom's announcement comes days after she and the accuser, Wendy Walsh, recorded themselves reporting O'Reilly to Fox News' corporate complaint hotline.

Walsh, who appeared on O'Reilly's show in 2013, said in her message to 21st Century Fox that the incident occurred at the Hotel Bel-Air, where they discussed her future with the show, according to the Los Angeles Times.

When she rebuffed his offer, O'Reilly instead took her to a bar and "became hostile", Walsh said.

O'Reilly's newest book, Old School, "a defense of traditional values [that] includes advice on how men should treat women respectfully, not as sex objects", is set to debut at number one on the New York Times' hardcover nonfiction best-seller list next week. The newspaper also reported that Fox and Mr. O'Reilly agreed to pay $13 million to settle the cases filed by five women.

However, despite the claims, the host doesn't seem to be suffering much.

Although no other women have come forward since Walsh, Bloom told Stelter that the accusations are not going to simply go away.

More than two dozen women, including former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, recounted specific claims of sexual harassment to investigators, which ultimately helped cement Fox's decision to dismiss Ailes last July. "Sometimes they will do that", O'Reilly said.

Fox News, the top-rated cable news network, has faced heightened scrutiny of its workplace climate after sexual harassment allegations led to the resignation of founding Chairman Roger Ailes previous year. Most have moved their advertisements to Fox News' other programming, meaning that the network still gets to keep most of the ad dollars. "You even went as far as saying 'Bill O'Reilly did nothing wrong, '" Baldwin's O'Reilly told Baldwin's Trump.

Baldwin portrayed Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, interviewing himself as Trump in a "SNL" skit Saturday.

  • Salvatore Jensen