Lady Gaga debuts new single at Coachella

Joanne was released last October and is Gaga's fifth studio album. Gaga premiered the song about halfway through her performance and, judging by Gaga's "The Cure" lyrics, it may be somewhat of a dedication to her fans.

Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead headline the three-day event, which runs April 14-16 and again April 21-23.

Fans seemed pretty excited by the new single. The Irish trip-hop singer took the stage with her face covered by a mask made of interjoined dolls and later carried over her head a faceless, zebra-colored dummy.

The new song, "The Cure", is not a part of her latest album Joanne. From the vaguely dancehall-inflected EDM beat to the chirpy synth earworm that could very well be more of the pitched-up vocal samples all over the radio, "The Cure" resembles a lot of other pop songs at the moment.

Paul Tollett, chief executive of Goldenvoice, clarified reports suggesting they had rejected the chance to book the Wuthering Heights singer for the festival because Americans would not "understand" her.

Eventually, the group returned to the stage and Yorke asked "Can you actually hear me now?" While Bush responded to the slight by saying that she had no intention of playing the event (no surprise there, as Bush has never played in the US and her recent high-profile series of shows in the United Kingdom were her first in 35 years), her romantic, dramatic approach to dressing would fit right in among the festival's fashionable set.

In a Coachella hallmark, Saturday saw a slew of surprise performers - delighting fans who avidly posted to social media. "And you cure me every time with your love".

Gaga dropped the new single on Saturday night, 45 minutes into her set.

"We've had a long history of delicacies at Coachella, and that is one of the ultimate delicacies".

Lady Gaga played her first Coachella after original headliner Beyonce canceled on doctors' orders as she expects twins.

The solicitation for extras (which you can read here) invites Little Monsters to "be in the audience as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga films scenes on the actual Coachella stages".

  • Arturo Norris