Google to launch Hire

"Google Hire is a product under development that will help G Suite customers manage their hiring process more effectively".

The Mountain View, Calif. -based company is developing the Google Hire portal that is expected to work along the lines of LinkedIn.

Google has confirmed it is looking to enter the online recruitment market and take on the local dominant players, New Zealand-based Trade Me Jobs and Australian-owned Seek. Facebook also tentatively got into the market past year with a new feature that connects job seekers with employers. There have been some speculation (as yet unfounded) that this would allow potential employers to see your entire search history. The new tool was said to develop unbounded access for Google to monitor the wide range of data about the user. A spokesperson from Google stated that the data would be voluntarily shared by the candidate with their prospective employer, being part of the online application.

However, the company, like most of its peers, is under constant pressure to squeeze the most value possible from the data it collects.

According to Axios, "several tech companies seem to be using or testing Google Hire, including Medisas, Poynt, DramaFever, SingleHop, and CoreOS".

Through this new Google service, companies will be able to post jobs, manage and accept applications.

Some news organizations, including RT, reported that the new job application tracking system may offer even more to employers after it was noticed that the product's sign-in page has an option to connect through a personal Google account. The pressure had recently increased when the Congress offered Internet Service Providers the same rights to commercialize users' information which Facebook and Google now use and enjoy.

  • Arturo Norris