Favorite White House tradition rolls on

The White House Easter Egg Roll gives each first lady the opportunity to put her thumbprint on the lighthearted, family-focused event.

There was, however, some speculation about whether the Trumps would be able to pull off a successful "egg-stravaganza".

In hosting the egg roll - whistling races to start, standing at attention for the national anthem beside the Easter bunny - Trump fulfilled one of the first ceremonial duties of his young tenure, as did first lady Melania Trump.

- President Barack Obama created an online lottery for those interested in participating in the event, and since then, children from all 50 states have rolled eggs on the lawn of the White House.

This year, due to rain in the forecast, the White House had announced that the event would be somewhat curtailed, with only 20,000 guests on hand rather than the more than 35,000 of previous years.

President Trump joins children at a craft table during the 139th Easter Egg Roll. First Lady Melania Trump has not yet moved to Washington, DC.

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who once played the role of the Easter Bunny in costume in 2008 during the George W. Bush administration, were popular targets for a crowd seeking selfies. "We are right on track". He, the First Lady and Barron also joined kids at a table to color cards to send to U.S. service members. Although Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump's communications director, told The Washington Post that the crowd was small by design, the low attendance forces us to wonder: Did Trump's team intentionally keep the shindig small because they feared a repeat of Inauguration Day?

The Martin Family Circus, a six-person family band from Nashville, is set to perform at the event, according to Politico.

The tradition originated almost 150 years ago, when children would gather on Capitol Hill to roll eggs. Welcome to the White House.

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