Construction lagging behind on gender pay gap

"We're proud to shine a light on Missouri's gender wage gap because there shouldn't be any question about it - women deserve equal pay for equal work", stated Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber.

In Indiana's 8th Congressional District, women earn an average of 73 cents for every dollar earned by a man regardless of occupation.

The UCF story comes as millions will mark Tuesday as Equal Pay Day. When women are paid less than men, it doesn't just hurt women.

The first daughter is now a White House advisor with her own West Wing office, and has fully embraced women's empowerment.

See the full pay gap report here.

According to the National Partnership for Women & Families, women in South Dakota lose a combined total of more than $2 billion a year because of the wage gap. In 2017, women earn $0.79 for every $1 earned by men. If the pay gap is broken down by race and ethnicity, the numbers are worse - black women are paid 37 percent less and Hispanic women are paid 46 percent less.

People have been participating in this message all over social media, with particular activity on Twitter. It exists to symbolize the gender wage gap and bring awareness to the fact that women are still getting paid less than men, in twenty-freaking-seventeen.

According the National Committee on Pay Equity, it usually falls on a Tuesday to show how far into the work week women must work to match the pay earned by men. During the Ivanka Trump-led meeting, Trudeau and group members discussed ways to promote education, entrepreneurship, equal pay and paid leave for female workers.

Young Women's Trust is now calling for action to be taken under the new regulations, as the charity believes that whilst it is a step forward, it does not go far enough to help close the gender pay gap.

Although women continue to make less than men, progress has been made. If you take a Lyft on April 4, they'll donate 20 percent of your ride fee to charities that support women and families.

  • Zachary Reyes