Zoo owner: April the giraffe's baby is 'very independent'

More than 1.2 million viewers watched the birth in real time thanks to Animal Adventure's livestream.

Of course, there's the possibility of users taking advantage of the freedom Animal Adventure Park has given them, and choosing some of the most outlandish, silly names possible.

The mama giraffe tenderly licked her calf, which began to slowly pick its head up from the floor of the pen.

April's zookeepers wrote in a Facebook update: "Yesterday many of you noticed the "giraffe cha-cha" where April was trying to step on the toes of our vet, and more or less she was telling him she was done with his advances".

April the giraffe had a healthy baby boy on Saturday.

Do you have other suggestions for April the giraffe and her baby's name, or do you want to share the names you entered in the Animal Adventure Park baby name contest? Zoo owner Jordan Patch says both mom and calf are doing fine.

The park is allowing people to submit and vote on names for 10 days. The calf's father, Oliver, who watched the birth from an adjacent pen, is a first-time father at the age of 5.

The privately owned zoo began livestreaming from April's enclosure in February.

There will be a contest to name the calf, and April will begin to raise it, weaning it for at least six months, according to the park.

Previously it had been revealed that the newborn was five foot, nine inches tall and weighed 129 pounds. People around the world have been tuning in daily.

"Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things", the park notes, "fighting and the unmentionable".

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months on average, and the wait for April to give birth had raised global interest, with a livestream and a fundraising drive. The calf will then move on to another zoo. The nearest city is Binghamton, about 15 minutes away.

Animal Adventure The park will continue to improve the animal and guest experiences at the park with further improvements and projects - helping further our message and mission of education.

  • Salvatore Jensen