When will forced religiousness end, Sonu Nigam tweets on azaan

It seems Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam is upset about having to wake up early and is blaming religion for being his alarm clock. The Kal Ho Na Ho singer, made headlines today thanks to his Twitter rant against Muslim religion and their religious practice of Azaan (morning prayer). "When will this forced religiousness end in India", he said in a four-part Tweet on Monday. "Why then?" Honest? True? "Gundagardi hai bus." he added.

While many supported his opinion, many on Twitter ridiculed the Indian Idol 9 judge for being woken up to his songs forcefully owing to blaring of loudspeakers.

Sonu Nigam's tweet has brought up the debate over the use of loudspeakers in religious places once again.

Nigam's tweet angered several of his fans and the singer receive flak from the Twitterati for his outrageous comments against Muslim community. It's a democratic country. "As per ur own logic, there was no electricity even in our Epics".

Insiyah Abidi‏ @In5iyahA Replying to @sonunigam Morning sir, this is a very interesting question raised by you, but Azan is a call towards prayers, it's a call of God for all.

He said that he should not be forced to hear this cacophonous sound.

  • Leroy Wright