Twitter On Jackie Robinson Day

Twenty years ago today, baseball retired Robinson's No. 42, in a dramatic announcement madeat Shea Stadium in NY by Commissioner Bud Selig, who was flanked by Robinson's widow, Rachel Robinson; and President Bill Clinton.

The team unveiled a statue of Jackie Robinson at Saturday's home game at Dodger Stadium. Each player wore the number 42, and several athletes sported special shoes in Robinson's honor.

It's the first such sculpture the club has commissioned for Dodger Stadium and a fitting tribute to one of the game's greatest players, particularly on the annual remembrance of Robinson breaking the color barrier as the first African-American player in Major League Baseball.

Ahead of their game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers held a ceremony to unveil a statue depicting Robinson sliding into home plate.

Robinson's 94-year-old widow, Rachel, also is scheduled to be there, along with Sharon and David, the Robinsons' son.

That style never left Robinson for a day in his career and, more importantly, it was also the way he lived his life. "And in the history of baseball, in the history of our country, few people have stood taller than Jackie Robinson".

My family watched every movie there was about Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson, as well as Lary Doby, who debuted with the Cleveland Indians in the American League in July of 1947, gave hope not only kids who now believed they had a chance to make it to the big leagues. The second baseman ended roughly 80 years of baseball segregation when he broke the color barrier. I think when we try and imagine being in someone else's skin, in their shoes, we try to compare it in some way to shoes we wear in our own lives.

Sunday is the first full day baseball fans can view a new statue of Jackie Robinson at Dodger Stadium. According to U.S. News and World Report, the Dodgers will be revealing a bronze statue of Robinson at Dodgers stadium on Saturday.

It sits atop a large granite base, complete with a biography and quotes from Robinson.

"I remember I was shocked at the "Court Martial of Jackie Robinson", which is another movie on why he got court-martialed". Most importantly though, I get to hit the field with an amazingly talented and diverse group of individuals, to play a game I love in front of an equally diverse crowd of fans, and all because Jackie Robinson had the courage to go first. "You know, sometimes we complain about the Internet service", Roberts said.

  • Salvatore Jensen