STB and Disney strike three-year collaboration starting with Star Wars franchise

However, their performance as a member of the Millennium Falcon crew will follow them through the park.

Star Wars land will be an immersive theme park experience [Image by Mariah Wild/Disney Parks via Getty Images]If you ride the attraction that pits the First Order vs. the Resistance, the side you pick will have ramifications throughout the park.

If, like us, you're passing the time until The Last Jedi hits theaters by keeping busy with other Star Wars-related endeavors (such as repeatedly using the Star Wars name generator to find your flawless alter ego and trying to determine which is the all-time best creature), we've got something waaaay better for you to focus your Jedi-loving energy on: analyzing (and freaking out about) the newly unveiled plans for Disney's Star Wars Land.

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Both familiar faces and new characters will show up in the park. "We want you to discover your own Star Wars story, not just remember somebody else's". Both types of characters will "interact with" and "engage with" guests - including by getting into fights in front of them. For instance, If you bring back Han Solo's ship from an asteroid run heavily damaged, someone might not be happy with you later in the day.

The panel shared some stunt footage from a practice in London, which seemed to show a woman with a broom fighting off some Storm Troopers. "Man, you're gonna feel like you're in the thick of it". However, Star Tours is a largely passive experience, where you sit and watch a screen. "You're gonna be standing right in front of it".

"A first-of-its-kind with a national tourism body in Southeast Asia, this multi-year collaboration with the STB provides more exciting opportunities and unique experiences for us to take the Disney brand of storytelling closer to our Singapore fans as well as visitors from the region", Rob Gilby, managing director, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, said.

Guests even have the choice of working with the Resistance or joining the First Order in a park full of droids, realistic lightsaber and AT-ATs - the latter of which has already been teased in another video.

How is the park sounding to you all?

While certain elements from the films will be seen and referenced - such as an experience that lets you fly the Millenium Falcon - the overall expansion will not be based on any existing Star Wars lore.

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