See Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Apologize for Hitler Remarks on 'SNL'

Melissa McCarty reprised her role as Spicer for an Easter-themed apology sketch, as the Trump Administration continues to provide content on a weekly basis.

Melissa McCarthy is flawless as an angry, unhinged, Spicey-as-Easter Bunny (which, by the way, is a role Spicer has taken on before).

Providing a debut to Fallon's Kushner, the USA chat show host appeared in a replica of the much-maligned suit and army vest combination Kushner wore on a recent trip to Afghanistan.

"Jared, Steve, standing before me are my two top advisers, but I only have one photo in my hand", Baldwin said.

Reminder: McCarthy is scheduled to actually host SNL on May 13.

McCarthy/Spicer began the sketch by yelling at kids looking for Easter eggs: "Go!" "It would be really great if the nit pickers could try to see the big picture and didn't exclusively focus on every slur and lie I say".

"I know they were called "concentration clubs", McCarthy said.

Sean Spicer in the White House job he was born (somewhere) for. "Steve, you may be smart, but I once walked in on you eating a live pig in the Roosevelt Room", Baldwin says.

McCarthy's Spicer was talking about the real Spicer's comparison involving Hitler and Bashar Assad last week, for which he apologized.

Bannon is played by cast member Mikey Day dressed as a black-cloaked skeleton, and Fallon, dressed as Kushner wearing a blazer beneath a Kevlar vest, enters to the EMF song "Unbelievable".

As there is always a little truth in comedy, about ten years ago, Spicer really did dress up as the Easter Bunny at the White House, for President George Bush. I said at least Hitler never used chemical weapons and everyone was like, 'Boohoo! And I hope that people who understand know that when I make a mistake I try and own it. "They were all like "boohoo, what about the Holocaust centres?' And yeah, I know they're not really called "Holocaust centres", duh!". And just before SNL's broadcast, USA military officials reported that North Korea had test-fired a missile, which exploded and failed to launch.

McCarthy also mocked the recent controversy surrounding United Airlines after a passenger was forcibly and violently removed from a flight that was overbooked.

In closing, Spicey wished the crowd a happy Easter before sneaking in that "the president is probably going to bomb North Korea tonight!"

Spicer drove away in a golf cart egg-mobile, shouting, "I have to go deliver these eggs!"

  • Salvatore Jensen