People mum on triple talaaq are like criminals: Adityanath

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister quoting the Mahabharata said that much like those who kept mum during Draupadi's disrobing, those silent over triple talaq were equally guilty.

Last week, the CM had issued directions for the formation of a special task force that will meet Muslim women across the state to know their stand on the controversial triple talaq issue.

"These days there is a new debate in the country". Some people are maintaining a silence on this issue.

He said, "some people are maintaining silence on this burning issue of triple talaq. This reminds me of Draupadi being disrobed in an assembly and she asks a question to the gathering as to who is responsible for this?"

Citing the example of Mahabharata's Draupdi's "Cheer-haran", he said that the society would also be equally guilty if it does not utter a single word on the issue.

Earlier on Monday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plea for a complete ban on triple talaq echoed sentiments of lakh of Muslim women, who have been running from pillar to post seeking justice and an end to the menace.

On Sunday, India's Muslim personal law board - who have stoutly defended the Sharia practice of divorce - softened their stance, saying they would ensure that the triple talaq would be exercised in the rarest of the rare cases.

The PM made a strong pitch against the divisive issue of "triple talaq", insisting that the exploitation of Muslim women should end and justice be done to them.talaq', insisting that the exploitation of Muslim women should end and justice be done to them.

The Supreme Court is now hearing a case on the constitutional validity of triple talaq. We should also proceed on the formula of a new India.

The AIMPLB has been opposing the PILs filed against the triple talaq in the Supreme Court.

  • Leroy Wright