Melissa McCarthy Tackles Sean Spicer's Hitler Comments On 'SNL'

To end the sketch, Spicer wished everyone a happy Easter and drove off in a motorized egg.

"Among Sean's other distinctions are serving as an Easter Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll, being lampooned by the Onion, cited as a "Moment of Zen" on the Daily Show and being mocked by David Letterman", the biography read.

Notably, Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy both returned to portray President Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy's Spicer also "apologized" for making the remarks about the Holocaust during Passover, or, as he called it, "Jewish Easter".

Okay, now here's the video.

Says Baldwin's Trump: "Remember when I refused to shake the hand of that little German boy?"

Spicer concluded that Hitler is still the No. 1 worst of all time.

Dressed as the Easter bunny, not only in keeping with the season but because Spicer once worked at The White House as the bunny (yes, really), McCarthy began with her typical refrain of "Shut up!" Trump summoned the two for an "Apprentice"-style elimination segment".

The show will return for new episodes in May, including one hosted by McCarthy herself.

"I know they're not really called the "Holocaust centers" I clearly meant to say 'concentration club, ' OK?"

"Spicey finally made a mistake", he says, frustrated, and sweaty from the costume.

When Pence reminds Trump he has much longer than 100 days in office, Trump replies, "I don't know, have you seen my tweets about North Korea?".

Expanding on a motif from her previous appearances as Spicer, McCarthy asked for her "baby dolls" to illustrate the history of "Passover, aka Jewish Easter". In trying to illustrate how heinous Assad's crimes were, Spicer tried to claim that "not even Hitler" used chemical weapons.

"By the way the President's probably going to bomb North Korea tonight". She then climbed into an egg-shaped cart and drove off while screaming, "Eat as much candy as you want". He smiled a lot but didn't say anything, even when Trump prodded him to deliver the signature "live from NY, it's Saturday night" intro.

  • Salvatore Jensen