May, Tusk to meet in London for Brexit talks

Mrs May has said that by Brexit Day in March 2019 she expects the shape of a new UK-EU trade relationship to be clear, but appeared to accept that the formal conclusion of any agreement will have to wait until after withdrawal.

She also brushed off questions about when a final trade deal with the European Union would be locked down, after her proposed fast-track negotiating timetable was rejected by the bloc.

"I'm clear that by that point at which we leave the European Union, it's right that everybody should know what the future arrangements, the future relationship, that future partnership between us and the European Union will be".

The government insists Brexit will allow the United Kingdom to control its borders.

The European Parliament on Wednesday backed the bloc's chief negotiator in demanding Britain pay as much as 60 billion euros (USD 64 billion) for outstanding commitments.

The EPP's leader, Manfred Weber of Germany, told the assembly that "we want a fair and constructive atmosphere", but warned that Britain can not get a better deal by leaving the bloc, instead of staying inside.

Two days later Tusk dismissed this out of hand as he revealed the EU's negotiating position, which called for phased negotiations that dealt with the UK's withdrawal first.

The former Ukip leader, who still heads the right-wing Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy grouping in Brussels, said that MEPs' red lines for the upcoming negotiations - which were passed in a vote today - were akin to a "ransom demand".

May wants parallel talks on the exit and future relationship.

The rock of Gibraltar with Spain in background. You think we're a hostage.

And the resolution calls for protecting the rights of the three million European citizens living in Britain, and the one million Britons residing in EU countries.

Opposition to European Union migrants helped fuel the Brexit campaign which culminated in the shock vote by Britons last June to leave the bloc.

The European Parliament effectively holds a veto on any Brexit deal as it must be approved by a majority of MEPs in a vote after having first received the assent of a qualified majority of national leaders in the European Council. I will change it to gangsters and that is how we are being treated.

The EU's own draft guidelines for the Brexit negotiations indicate that Britain's exit should include transitional arrangements, which must be "clearly defined, limited in time, and subject to effective enforcement mechanisms".

  • Leroy Wright