Lady Gaga drops new track and performs Beyonce duet at Coachella

The Coachella festival kicks off Friday with performances from Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar and its highest-ever attendance as it weathers growing competition in the live music world.

"Can you actually hear me?"

From the opening of her Coachella debut, that was most certainly not the case. Warmly received by the concert crowd that numbered in the tens of thousands, Gaga said she was relieved to finally not have to keep the song a secret anymore.

While the first day at Coachella 2017 is told, Lady Gaga stood out yesterday performing on stage at the Coachella festival. "And if you say you're OK / I'm gonna heal you anyway / Promise I'll always be there / Promise I'll be the cure".

One person tweeted: "Sound tech issues aside, @radiohead played an awesome set". On Sunday, festival goers were notified on Coachella's mobile app that they had the chance to be in a scene for the upcoming Cooper-directed musical, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Gaga announced that it was her first time at Coachella, along with her crew members of almost 10 years. So when she had to drop out of headlining Coachella because of her pregnancy, organisers were stuck with the unenviable process of finding another performer to satisfy a disappointed crowd.

Lady Gaga enthralled her Little Monsters with a powerhouse performance Saturday that included classics like "Bad Romance", "Alejandro", and "Just Dance". "We're obviously constantly trying to, for lack of a better word, (to) outdo ourselves and make it better for the fans".

Tickets are $10 each day with all proceeds to benefit Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. She even runs into the audience to interact with them at one point.

Continuing the love story - of that lost, found, and rediscovered - Gaga stayed at the piano for some slower songs, powering through her 2011 hit "You and I" and the 2009 ballad "Speechless" before that. Sloppy seconds she most certainly wasn't.

  • Salvatore Jensen