Lady Gaga debuts new song called The Cure at Coachella music festival

"I've been in the studio and I'd like to debut a brand new song, 'The Cure'". "People kept asking me, aren't you nervous about playing 11:30?", she explained, revealing that it actually had nothing to do with Beyonce at all.

Later in the evening, as fans began to head for the exit, Gaga had one final surprise. So, she obviously had a lot to live up to, especially because Coachella attendees had already purchased their nonrefundable tickets when the switch was announced.

Gaga worked on the song with her "ARTPOP" collaborator DJ White Shadow, but is a departure from the sound of her last few albums. She is the first female headliner in 10 years, and she is going HARD at the festival. Gaga was dressed in a black police hat and a leather trench coat as she kicked off her set with Scheibe from her Born This Way album. In addition, Gaga included "Telephone," one of her collaborations with Beyoncé, in her set list, and opted to simply go silent during Bey's part, according to USA Today. "What we did to deserve her", wrote one fan. There's an edge to the proceedings - at one point she tells a dancer to "get the fuck" out of her way when he appears to stumble - and her shifts between rock, trance, country and pop suggest that she's trying to appeal to a Coachella audience that might have pigeonholed her.

"I think it really meshes incredibly well with what's going on with Coachella because you do have Gaga, we're excited about seeing Kehlani (and) there's some really solid performers this year", he said. "Does she understand she killed half the fan base?"

Her Coachella performance on Saturday night of Weekend 1 (April 15) was as prolific as it was dynamic, with piano versions of her hits that showcased her voice, fierce choreography, and all the pyro/confetti a pop star could want.

  • Salvatore Jensen