Jimmy Fallon Set to Host Historic 'SNL' Broadcast

"Saturday Night Live" delivered its highest ratings since February with its first-ever episode to air live in all USA time zones.

Directioners everywhere are getting their popcorn ready and setting their TVs to NBC for the big moment that's coming later tonight: Harry Styles takes the Saturday Night Live stage solo. "When I see a photo of you, it makes me want to puke".

The premise for each of the three spots is simple: Harry and the show's host for the evening, Jimmy Fallon, take on some variation of walking towards the camera as they announce their upcoming show. Staged in and around the studio, to David Bowie's "Let's Dance", it involved the cast, musical guest Harry Styles (later an able sketch player) and, on guitar, the original song's producer Nile Rodgers. "But don't worry, your journey doesn't end tonight", Trump says, "because you'll get to come back and decide if I go to prison".

And former SNLer Rachel Dratch returned to join Fallon for a revival of their "Boston Teens" characters, Sully and Denise.

Since his pop band phenomenon One Direction split last year, the 23-year-old star has launched his solo career, with his debut single, Sign Of The Times, going straight to number one in the United Kingdom charts after its release last week. Give us all your thoughts below!

So, to showcase his secondary talent as a budding thespian, Styles showed off his supreme throwback Mick Jagger impersonation skills for a "Celebrity Family Feud" skit, throwing in the tongue-in-cheek line, "Solo?"

Melissa McCarthy, who is set to host May 13, was back to play Spicer, in a rabbit suit, of course, recalling his Bush administration turns as the White House Easter Bunny.

Harry, whose rock "n" roll idiosyncrasies impersonated the Rolling Stone frontman to the T, also tackled some meta jokes, such as when he asked, "Solo?"

If you didn't know, Harry Styles not only debuted as a solo performer on SNL this week, but debuted some of his much-anticipated new music.

Styles's self-titled debut is out May 12.

  • Salvatore Jensen