Jimmy Fallon Joins Alec Baldwin for SNL Trump Impersonation

"Jared, you're such an inspiration", Baldwin as Trump said. Pence, played by Beck Bennett, names only one item: nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He closes the folder.

"The victor, Baldwin's Trump goes on to explain, gets to keep doing his job, along with "$100,000 courtesy of L'Oreal". What follows is a lampooning of the president's weekly visits to what's been dubbed his "Winter White House". Kushner has quietly traveled the world as a Trump representative, while the president once caught Bannon "eating a live pig in the Roosevelt room". -North Korea relations and to Trump's recent aggressive use of force on Syria in response to the chemical attack, which US officials believe was ordered by Syrian leader Bashar Assad, killed dozens of civilians. And I love that show.

And then Fallon, dressed as Kushner when he visited Iraq: shades, suit jacket, khaki trousers and a military vest.

Throughout the first part of the cold open, viewers can get the sense that the satirical president is saying goodbye - and he is.

"If you don't see your photo, you must immediately leave your office - and join Kellyanne Conway in the basement", Trump says.

"Jared, you take the most attractive photos". Kushner, the president explains, takes "the most lovely photos", while Bannon takes "the worst photos I've ever seen in my life". The Grim Reaper is then dragged out the door by another Grim Reaper.

In case you missed the show, we've rounded up all of Harry's very best moments. "Just fix everything, OK?"

Melissas Spicer was dressed as the Easter Bunny, and came out to offer a half-hearted apology.

"Yes, you all got your wish this week, didn't you, huh?" And, you know what? Not only did Harry reign supreme as a singing soldier in a Civil War themed boy band sketch, but he stole the show in a hilarious Family Feud spoof. It was an odd statement, considering the Nazi's use of gas chambers to exterminate Jewish people during the Holocaust, which Spicer made worse when he incorrectly attempted to clarify that Hitler didn't "use gas his own people" and that he brought them into "Holocaust centers". "I'll try! I don't know if a lot of my jokes, usually they don't land so well so we'll see how it goes". After listing his version of his accomplishments, Trump says, "I'm so sad that my presidency is finally coming to an end". In McCarthy's priceless and angry impersonation, Spicer couldn't remember the leader of Syria and coined the term "concentration clubs".

  • Salvatore Jensen